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What is Email Marketing?

In simple terms, Email marketing is a way to promote your products and servies with the potential customers and clients which ultimately increase your sales and growth. About 80% of all email is directly or indirectly, a part of email marketing in the form of newsletter, articles, surveys, etc.

We are a pioneer email marketing agency in Malegaon, India, has skilled, experienced and dedicated team that can speed up your sales cycle. The main goal of email marketing to connect with prospects and customers to generate sales and build relationships. Our agency will send emails that motivate people to buy your products and services. Our agency will design engaging newsletter that can help you attract customers.

Email Marketing

What we can do for you in Malegaon, India?

Email marketing strategies – We will provide you the best marketing strategy by understanding your business and target audience. In that way we can help you to get the benefits of a professionally executed email marketing campaign with effective strategy, engaging design, list management and more.

Lead Magnets – Lead Magnets means to offer something free like piece of digital downloadable content like PDF, report, eBook, video, whitepaper to your target audience that can motivate them to get that content in exchange of their contact information. In this way, we can build a list of emails of your target audience.

Advertising Campaigns – We will effectively advertise your lead magnets on search engines and social media platforms to generate more and more subscribers or customers. We can do PPC OR Landing Page campaigns to attract more people in your list.

Email Marketing Software – Choosing the best email marketing software for you will be a difficult job but don’t worry we are there to recommend you an easy to use, cost effective email marketing tool that will offer you a wide range of features.

Email Newsletter – Our expert graphic designers team will design engaging newsletter for your audience that can reflect your products and business. Users like email newsletter if it is relevant to them. Overall, email newsletter is a effective tool that can really brings you value.

Email Marketing Reporting – We have a very close eye on our client’s business performance. We have set a standard to send monthly reporting to breakdown your email marketing performance. And we will make improvements based on these precise reports.

Email List Maintenance – We are bound to bring you a value for your business. We do a routine check on your email’s subscriber list. We have a very close analysis for user’s engagement so that we improve your engagement. We do remove un-engaged users who are not active.

Why should you consider Email Marketing

Why Email Marketing

Larger Reach – 90% of users use emails while only 60% of users use social media.

Economic & Cost Effective – If you are traditional way of marketing like newspaper and television ads, then email marketing has more impact and cost effective.

Personal & Customisable –  You can easily customize your email depending on the interest of your audience that will help you engage them.

Result Oriented – Emails have more impact if we compare traditional method of advertisement. It has 8 time more impact and 6 times more revenue which can bring you sales.

Why you should choose us in Malegaon, India?

Engaging Content

We design creative and newsletter, landing pages and customized email that will not bother your clients and drive more business.

Best Email Marketing Strategy

We first decide on what kind of email marketing campaigns you need based on your business and audience with precise targeting.

Increase Your Revenue

A good email marketing strategy can increase your revenue by six time and gives you an edge over your competitors.

Hundred of Satisfied Customers

We are leading email marketing agency that can take your business to the next level by precisely focusing on your products and services.

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